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Bulky Babies

Here is the pattern for the fabulous bulky baby sweater. Everyone loves this sweater... I've probably made 10 of them, some for gifts, some for my girls. It's easy to make even bigger -- just find a sweater that fits your kid and go from there. Make the sleeves a little long and roll 'em up. The assymetrical one also looks great with one big button. You can also stripe it easily either by knitting two rows in one color, then two rows in a second color or, for more complex 3 color striping: work stripes of 4 rows, then 3 rows, then 2 rows, then 1 row, then repeat. Always use the yarn left on the side you're ready to knit. I've used just about every kind of yarn for this Lion Brand Homespun, Colinette Fandango, Kitchen Cotton... if you want baby to actually be able to wear it, use something washable!

Someone, somewhere, deserves credit for this pattern, but I have no idea who. I just have a tattered xerox and I know it's been around since the 70's.

This sweater isn't done in garter stitch and I have no idea how many stitches I used, but it follows the basic idea of this sweater.

Check the comments for the directions for the bibbed and cardigan versions of the sweater!

posted by kristi at 3/29/2002 06:37:00 AM
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