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Work In Progress: The Parrot Jacket

This sweater started, untypically, pattern first. The garter stitch jacket from Simply Beautiful Sweaters. Maybe that's been it's problem. I'm very ambivalent about it right now. I thought it was going to be so wonderful and right now I think the yarns aren't shown to their full advantage, and that it may end up too small, and maybe I should rip it out, even though I'm 75% done and knit on bigger needles to show a little more yarn and make it a little bigger... I had assumed that since it was called a "jacket" it would have plenty of ease in it, but it's pretty small. Should have paid more attention to the measurements.

Anyway, then I scouted ebay for some Colinette Fandango I liked. I love this yarn! Absolutely one of my favorites. Ended up finding some in Green Parrot -- it's as subtle as it sounds. Then all I needed was some co-ordinating Zanziba. There was no co-ordinating Zanziba! I bought some on ebay that I thought would work, but it was too gray/teal for the screaming green parrot. I called the ladies at Tricoter, who wrote the book (literally!) and told them I couldn't find any Zanz I liked... I wasn't even sure if I liked Zanz at all, was there anything else I could use? (How desperate is this?) She told me that you really needed the shininess of Zanziba to "make" the sweater. So I looked some more. Then one day I popped into my local yarn store -- always dangerous -- and discovered some GGH Trikolore in bright colors. On sale, even! It co-ordinates pretty well.

So I was off and knitting and it was going nice and quick -- 2 1/2 stitches to the inch and soft and fun... Anyway, got the back and the fronts done and then started to feel ambivalent. I think what I really need to do is get to the yarn store and see if they have one more Trikolore as I am afraid I'm going to run out and be unable to finish the sleeves as long as I need them. Then I can decide whether I need to rip everything out and reknit it a tiny bit bigger or whether I can just block it a little bigger.

Oh yeah,.. In my fimo fest, I did make the buttons for the sweater already. Here they are:

posted by kristi at 3/28/2002 07:10:00 AM
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