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Dyed in the Wool

Yet another round of Kool-Aid dyeing. Used three shades of blue... Ice Blue Raspberry, Blue Moon Berry and some new-fangled color-shifting Kool-Aid that was supposed to change from green to blue and taste like cherry. All three were different colors by the way, I'm happy to report. I think the yarn needs more color now that it's dry, so I'm going to rubber band it and toss it into some of whatever blue I have left.

Bonne Marie was breaking out the Kool-Aid too this weekend. And like her, I had difficulty getting my hands on the goods. Neither of the two stores I've looked at had Lemon-Lime, and one had no Grape. That's why I ended up getting the color-shifting Kool-Aid... It made a nice dark teal, by the way, though I'm still waiting for it to change color! There are just so many "new" flavors, they can't keep stocking the old standbys.

posted by kristi at 4/29/2002 10:04:00 AM
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