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More Bitchin' Than Stitchin'

My knitting circle is FINALLY meeting tonight. We've had difficulties getting everyone together, though not for lack of enthusiasm.
I haven't even picked up my knitting in at least two weeks. We've all had some evil plague... I've had a low-grade fever for 10 days! Zoe was out of school sick for a week (before I got sick), and has been out of school for Spring Break since then (okay she was there for two days) -- she'll go back Monday.
The coup de grace: The girls and I were in a car accident on Monday! We're all fine, though it was scary. I'm a little stiff and sore, but not as bad as I feared I would be. The Volvo is not at all well. The car I hit was able to drive away, fortunately, though I'm sure it'll end up costing plenty to fix it. At least everyone was very nice. The local business people were very helpful with phones, bathrooms, holding my kids, etc.

techie or luddite?: you decide.
After the accident, my friend says, "I guess you were glad you had your cellphone." "Oh," says me, "I didn't use it, I just went and called from the dry cleaners." Turns out I did have it, charged, in my bag, so I could have used it. My husband, Leo, says, "Too bad you didn't have the digital camera, you could have taken pictures." I had it too, but didn't think of it. Too bad. You too could have seen the terrible damage I wrought.

posted by kristi at 4/03/2002 06:34:00 AM
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