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The Parrot Wrap-up

The parrot sweater is finally done! Many of my fears were groundless in that it fits just fine. It's a very cuddly sweater; bulky without being heavy, warm but not hot... The combination of a pure wool thick-n-thin and a pure cotton chenille seemed a bit unorthodox, but it seems to work. Now I'm hoping for some more chilly weather so I can trot it out!

What I didn't like: The pattern! Go figure! It was easy to follow and had some helpful bits of advice, but I thought the sizing was a bit off, the sleeves would have been too short had I not lengthened them. Plus, the pattern as written called for sleeve increases every 4 rows. I ended up with every 8 rows because I didn't want such pendulous forearms. Then after painstakingly blocking the front and back to specs, I had an awful time getting the sleeve caps to sit in right, even ended up stretching one so far in the heat of the moment (it was late, I was tired) that the Fandango snapped! I managed to tie a little knot and put it away for the night! Anyway, it all came together in the morning and it's groovy. Almost hugged the savvy checker at the store who was the first to comment on it.

What I liked about this project: Can't beat the gauge, and the yarns were top notch. I love the boldness of the color, and I am pleased that it fits the way I wanted it too. Oh, and I like my buttons!

If you want details about how this sweater came together, check out the archives.

posted by kristi at 4/25/2002 06:10:00 PM
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