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Redux Update

While muttering the "I will finish my current project," "I will finish my current project," mantra under my breath, I decided that I'd just see IF the thriftstore sweater would unravel. I decided to start with the neck, because that was the really objectionable part anyway, and I figured I could salvage it collarless anyway.

First I cut the seam of the collar. It definitely seemed joined like a handknit garment, so then I carefully snipped the collar away from the body. It didn't want to come unsewn very much, so I just snipped the first stitch all along the collar. Dealing with where the tag was sewn in was actually the hardest part! The sweater seems handknit. I must admit I have little knowledge of how mass produced sweaters are made. Okay, now I am imagining some horrible sweatshop practices... at least I bought it second-hand!

After that, it unraveled like a dream. I like the sweater a bunch more already, with it's open, unfinished neck. If my ambition fades to unravel the whole thing, I figure I can just put on a simple ribbed neck and be done... The sleeves and hem just have short k1p1 ribs.

posted by kristi at 4/18/2002 06:46:00 AM
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