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What's Up in the Garden

Here's what's going on in the garden these days: It's raining! Not in this picture, but we only get about 10 inches of rain a year here in San Diego, so it's noteworthy. This is our bouganvillea; it blooms all year, but it's looking especially nice right now.

The first roses have started to bloom and the plants seem pretty healthy... I trimmed them back in January and fed them this year. Plus we put on lots of ladybugs for aphids. There are a couple of roses that aren't doing so well and may need to come out. Any suggestions for replacements? I'm not really a big rose enthusiast, but figure I'll leave those beds rosy for the time being.

We finally ripped out our New Englandy front yard this year. No more grass and shrubs! I replanted New Zealand flax, birds of paradise, various succulents, and gazania instead of a lawn -- all low water users. The gazania is starting to fill in, but you can sort of imagine that it will look like a field of orange dandelions when it does. AND no mowing!

posted by kristi at 4/15/2002 06:28:00 AM
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