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new leaves

All of a sudden summer is here. The jasmine has bloomed and it smells so good! Sure, other flowers smell nice, but there's something about the intensity of jasmine. I remember it was about this time of year when we moved to southern California (not without some trepidation), but when we walked around the neighborhood with all its gorgeous and funky plants (Dr. Suess used to live in our neighborhood; you can tell where he got his inspiration.) and it smelled like flowers everywhere, it was hard not to like. I want to plant another one.

A rogue fig is growing between the fence and the hot water heater. Now that I've figured out what it is, I need to move it. I have no idea how it came to be there, but there are real figs you can eat in the neighborhood, so I'm excited.

posted by kristi at 5/27/2002 03:42:00 AM
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