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First off, I haven't fallen off the planet or anything, we've been in DC visiting relatives, seeing some sites, etc. We'll be flying back home today, and finally I have something knitworthy to post. (The great magic of blogging -- you can do it from anywhere! Though I can't access my email from here -- so if you've been pounding on my virtual door for the last ten days, that's why I haven't answered.) My sister-in-law and I went to a LYS yesterday in Silver Spring, MD and picked her out some yarn for her FIRST EVER project. Because I have been spreadin' the faith!

Anyway, while in the yarn store I picked up some Opal sock yarn and some teensy tiny little needles -- they're a lot more like needles than what I'm used to -- ouch! I had hitherto been averse to sock knitting as I never wear socks and it seemed like a lot of work for something to stick in your shoe. Then I read No Idle Hands (see post way below), and got into the idea of socks -- envisioning the birth of America hinging upon Martha Washington and friends furiously knitting socks in a tent at Valley Forge... such dramatic imagery!

When I saw Ivete's link to Karen's Place with some very darling baby socks, I was hooked on the idea. If I knit socks for babies, I realized, they'll go a lot faster. Plus, babies don't wear shoes much and their cute little socks show. So how do I knit a sock for a baby? I found a basic sock recipe, but baby legs and feet are so small and pudgy, they may require special instructions. Plus, how do you make a sock that will really stay on?

posted by kristi at 5/20/2002 06:11:00 AM
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