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Thrift Sweater Update

Back on April 16th, I bought a sweater at the thrift store. My original intent was to rip it back to nothing and use the yarn to reknit something new (see the archive). I unraveled it's yucky cowlish turtleneck and left the rest for later. Of course, then I started wearing it. Gold star to Kate for recognizing that probably it should just get worn. Plus, I noticed that it snagged easily, which makes re-knitting the yarn less tantalizing. How someone managed to wear it long enough to decide to expunge it from their wardrobe without monsterous snags, I don't know. I guess they didn't have my "active lifestyle". Anyway, I decided to just knit on a regular ribbed neck. Here it is:


posted by kristi at 5/02/2002 06:23:00 AM
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