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Beautiful Jacket Seeks Home

Feast your eyes on this wonderful jacket that I found at the thrift store! It is all handmade. Back is lined, with Holly Hobby fabric, no less. All edges are decoratively finished... AND it has meticulous hand embroidery on it, of the sort that has not been seen since the '70's. Including this Three Bears scene on the back. Oh yeah, and one of those cool tags that reads, 'Specially Hand Made by Linda'.

Unfortunately, it is too small for me to wear, though believe me I tried! It would fit a petite woman. It's abut 15 inches across the shoulders (they're set in, though), 18 inches across the chest, and 17 inches long.

You will need to think of something very good to trade me, because this is just so appealing. But I do want it to have a good, appreciative home. You'd think it was a puppy I rescued, not a jacket! I may decide to just keep it until one of my kids can wear it, but go ahead, tempt me!

posted by kristi at 6/12/2002 07:33:00 AM
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