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Jacket Pattern

I think I might use this pattern for my jackets. It's a little different, but has a little something.

With the introduction of polar fleece, it's really hard to find a lined jacket pattern anymore. I only found one lined jacket pattern for kids, but it was boxy and straight -- it might be the one I already have! I'll make these lined/reversible anyway... it just seems silly to buy a pattern you have to alter. Ah, well. I'm not quite ready to strike out on my own in pattern design (unless it's flat and square -- savvy readers will have noticed that all my patterns are flat and boxy!).

So these will be the floral print on one side with the pocket green and the cuffs rolled up so the green shows. On the reverse side, it'll be the opposite. Probably need buttons rather than snaps as that works better with reversible things (you don't have extra snaps sitting there on the outside because buttonholes go both ways).

And thumbs up to for having a ton of patterns online in one place, including the hard-to-find Burda.

posted by kristi at 6/19/2002 08:49:00 PM
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