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Monday, Monday

For those with an interest in genealogy or old pictures, you may remember that I posted that I had just picked up a few more pictures for my genealogy project on May 20th. Imagine my surprise when, out of the blue last week, a woman contacted me whose great-grandfather is the man standing on the right in this picture! My father-in-law only knew he was a cousin of some sort. Cool.

Lest think that the vortex of coincidence is swirling so mightily that you'll have to sit down, she didn't contact me because she saw the blog... that would have been too weird. She got my email address through a string of relatives because she heard that I was doing some genealogy.

I've done next to no knitting all week, or what I've done, I've had to rip out. I've been working on the seed stitch baby sweater and didn't really think much about the seed stitch lining up properly when it came to the bib. I did an even number of stitches on the bib, knit the thing, joined it, saw the mistake, k2togged, and went forward for about two inches. But I decided I couldn't stand it and ripped it out. Plus, I didn't like the way the row where I joined the bib to the body looked.

Here's the deal: Since this is all one piece, the front is knit top down and the two sides are done to just below the armpit. I've knit a separate little "bib" piece that connects there and flaps up and buttons. To do this, you line up the bib and the body sides and you knit 4 stitches together off two needles on either side with the bib in front. No problem, but they seemed a little funny because of the thickness of the yarn. Any tricks to this?

I really should be able to finish this soon and am ready for another project. After almost buying some Noro Kureyon on Ebay for a raglan henley for me, now I haven't seen any in colors I liked for a couple of weeks and have been beat out on a couple of auctions. Ah well. Sooner or later it will come.

I did, however, buy some chunky wool/cotton boucle (but not too boucle) yarn to dye. It should arrive in a day or two. Figured I'd try the Kool-Aid first and see how it did. It doesn't have a very high cotton content, and I'm hoping that the cotton is wrapped around the wool somewhat uniformly. My theory is that the two fibers will take the color differently and that will make for a much more interesting yarn. If the Kool-Aid looks bad, then I'll go for the real Procion dyes. I have friends that have been wanting to tie-dye for the kids anyway. And I want to tie-dye yarns, or course!

posted by kristi at 6/17/2002 07:01:00 AM
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