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More Funky Pants

Stacey over at urban gypsy said she wished she had some flat pants of her own... you could certainly make them adult size, but I make no promises as to how flattering they will be! They would be comfy though. If anyone really wants to make they for an adult, let me know and I can figure out the pattern! I'd love to see them on an adult! But I don't promise not to laugh!

I used to have some very low crotched pants I got in Africa. They were shaped more like a triangle or trapezoid with the small part at the waist and the legs sticking out holes in the bottom corners. Felt a little silly wearing them here, but they were comfortable.

As far as sewing funky pants goes, check out Pavelka Design. She has some really fun patterns, particularly for you quilty types. I bought the "Overwows" pattern in my size and kid size, but I haven't made them yet. At certain points I envisioned making some for myself with raw silks and brocades, but fancy overalls aren't something really missing from my wardrobe.

posted by kristi at 6/12/2002 06:34:00 AM
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