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Stupidly Simple Project

You too can make your own faux batik T-shirt in just minutes! You could sell these at Dead Shows if there were any any more. Fun for the kids, too, in those oh-my-god-it's-summer-vacation moments. These aren't exactly works of art, but a quick and dirty (actually very clean) craft. How about a baby's onesie and matching hat with dragonflies or dinos or whatever it is that happens to attract you?

What you'll need:
*colored cotton t-shirt or whatever (dark colors work best),
*foam stamps (available at all major craft emporia -- made of foam, about 2-4 inches big, or make your own out of foam if you want to),
*Sunlight dishwasher detergent (or similar... you want a liquid/gel detergent with BLEACH for the dishwasher, not just dishsoap!)
*some sort of old brush to paint it on with.
* a piece of plastic or cardboard to put between the layers of the shirt

All you do is paint a thin, even layer of the detergent on the stamp, trying to avoid major blobs of the stuff in the crevices of the stamp, then stamp carefully on the fabric. Repeat as desired. Set it in the sun (or the corner) to dry. When they're dry, run them through the wash. Voila!

Essentially, you're just bleaching out localized areas of the fabric. So don't wear nice clothes when you do it, and be aware if you overdo the amount of stuff you put on one area, the fabric will be weakened.

Pictures coming soon.

posted by kristi at 6/17/2002 08:44:00 PM
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