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A Tale of Three Sweaters

Sweater One: The Rex Sweater. It's done! I'm Still not completely satisfied with the neck, but I figured I'd finish it and then sit on it for a while.

Sweater Two: I've started one of the Bulky Babies with the remaining orange Pronto. The bibbed one this time -- and in seed stitch. We'll see if I can stomach knitting a whole sweater k1,p1... This is a baby gift. After posting the Flat Pants the other day, I've been ruminating on making some -- I think I may even have some great fabric to go with the sweater out in the garage. Now if I can just manage to make the sweater and the pants for the same sized baby!

Sweater Three: We just got in the mail an absolutely beautiful sweater that my Mom knit for Ella. It's a great yarn, a great stitch pattern... and she finished it so neatly! And a darling hat with a ruffled brim to boot!

posted by kristi at 6/05/2002 02:15:00 PM
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