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Weekend Update

I amended the Flat Pants pattern. If you already took it; check back. It's even easier. Sounds so simple I want to sew some myself!

I ripped out the collar of Rex's sweater again. I think I may need to start the collar earlier. There just aren't very many stitches to play with since the gauge is big and the sweater is small. The raglan decreases gobble them up 8 at a time. Maybe today I can make it work. At least I got to rip out the one cable that I turned backward. I didn't want to rip the whole thing out for that, but it was really bothering me.

Made an interesting summer salad last night: the idea came from a comment in Food & Wine. Chopped tomatoes and watermelon with a little salt, pepper, olive oil and rice vinegar. You could add a little mint or basil or watercress. Anyway, it had never struck me before, but tomatoes and watermelon look and feel a lot alike. Wouldn't want to eat it all the time, but a fun change of pace.

posted by kristi at 6/02/2002 06:21:00 AM
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