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I haven't updated for a while because I've been busy, but there's lots that's new:

My Mom was visiting and brought me some glorious old knitting magazines from the 60's and 70's. Her recent knitting focus: Darling sweaters like the one she knit Ella with ruffles -- A minnowknits pattern.

The seedy bulky baby bibby is done! I have gone against all the "bee" votes and sided with Shobhana -- it needed bigger buttons. I put the white ones on, but then I found some others that are even better. Picture soon!

I have been Kool-Aid dyeing again with enough yarn for a whole sweater. My dye lot: for each 8oz. skein, 5 pkgs Black Cherry, 2 pkgs Grape, and one mixture of 1 pkg Mandarina Tangerina and 1 pkg Strawberry Starfruit. It's looking good, but I think I still might need a bit of a companion yarn to round out the sweater. I haven't started knitting yet.

I found another knitting store within walking distance of my house! I had seen the name a few times, but it's a bit off the beaten path and I had never actually found it. Not a huge selection, but hurrah for Helga's! They're open Mondays too, so now all days are covered. She was intrigued by the Kool-Aid thing, so I'll have to take my fruity stash over some day.

I have cut out all the pieces for the girls' jackets and have one almost done. It's pretty big, but the girls will grow!

I am working on a new baby sweater with some furry yarn and the blue Kool-Aid yarn, with a scalloped design. I am imagining that it will receive some silver starfish buttons as it looks sort of watery.

When the time presents itself, I'll get more details and pictures up!

posted by kristi at 6/28/2002 10:54:00 AM
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