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Getting Over the Slump

I've been having a love/hate relationship with my current project, my little sweater for I think because of its unorthodox style, it came out shaped a little differently than I anticipated. I've really had to force myself to knit on it. I overcame my block, sewed on the buttons and finished one sleeve and started the other. It's nice, but still in a 'pulling teeth' phase. Plus, since I am not totally satisfied with it, I want to knit a second one in another size and gauge! I want to get working on it, but must finish this one first. So close and yet so far!

And, I went and ordered myself some Noro Kureyon, which will become a raglan henley for me... as soon as it arrives, I'm sure I'll want to start in on it. I also have some bits of multi-colored Kool-Aid yarn that I wanted to knit up into something...

So many projects, so little time!

posted by kristi at 7/24/2002 09:14:00 AM
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