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Okay, some of you don't know this, but I live in a tourist town. In fact, I live in a touristy section of a touristy metropolis. Most of the time this is great and I love where I live... there's a reason why people want to visit here. Plus tourists mean that there are about a jillion fabulous things that their tourist dollars support so they are there when I want them.

Anyway, every Winter I seem to forget that the "village", which is what people really (without irony) call downtown La Jolla -- it totally reminds me of The Prisoner -- gets crowded in Summer and you can't just pop into the bank or the yarn store*. Walking's no problem, but I forget too often and try to stop in somewhere when I am already in the car. This brings me to my big whine -- TRAFFIC! I have spent more time stuck in traffic in the last few days -- all because of the big weekend. I don't think I'll drive today!

*Diagram that, GrammarMan!

posted by kristi at 7/06/2002 06:50:00 AM
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