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Spent a couple hours sorting through stuff in the garage, consolidating and weeding out the detritus of our lives. I'm sure there's more that I could get rid of more; I just wasn't feeling cathartic enough to go through old boxes l to see what I could get rid of.

On the crafty front, I don't have nearly as much yarn as I feared, but I have way more fabric than I remembered! The good news is that in sorting through I came up with a couple of project ideas that I can complete without buying anything. And found some great fabrics that maybe may need new projects.

The good news for YOU is that I am going to post pictures of stuff that I want to get out of my life. Find something you want and offer me something in trade! As far as the fabrics go, I might consider sewing something for you if you had something fabulous to barter. Comment below and be looking for those pictures!

posted by kristi at 7/08/2002 05:47:00 AM
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