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We've returned from our trip to Toronto where I met Amy and Kate at their SnB. How fun! They're not psychotic men in cyber-drag who've been carrying on this clever knitting ruse for eons, either. They're just what you'd expect.

I didn't buy any yarn in Canada either. I saw a very tantalizing shop next to New World Palace (off Steeles) where we dined. This was in an Asian strip-mall. I couldn't really see in the shop but a sign on the window said something about carrying all Japanese yarns! I thought about going back, but it didn't really work out that way.

Toronto seems like a great city.

But I'm not going back anytime soon. We spent FIVE hours in security and immigration lines getting back (no exaggeration). We made it all the way through once, nearly boarded our plane when they found out there was a technical problem, and they'd have to fly a part in from Montreal. The airline was very accomodating and even got us on a nonstop flight on Air Canada from Toronto to San Diego, BUT we had to reclaim our bags, take the bus to another terminal, check in at another airline and go through security and immigration again. I don't think I've stood in a line like that ever -- one creeping serpentine line for close to forever with nowhere to go. In limbo between Canada and the US. The girls did well under the circumstances and both slept on the plane on the way back -- Zoe for two hours and Eleanor for nearly four! So it could have been infinitely worse.

And in a week, I'm flying up to Seattle with just me and the girls to visit my family...

posted by kristi at 8/11/2002 07:42:00 AM
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