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Hi. I have returned from Seattle and am back home for the forseeable future. I've been busy, busy, busy, so I haven't got much done knitwise, still, there's lots to update here in the land of domesticity.

I am knitting along on my Noro Cotton Kureyon Henley Sweater. I am knitting it top-down raglan and I am down to my second button hole. Pictures soon.

I visited two yarn shops in the specific Northwest. The first was called Canvas Works in Olympia and it was a great shop. It's where my Mom always goes. If you find yourself in Olympia, Washington, go there. I bought the pattern and leather soles to make the little felted boots below. I also visited the Yarn Gallery in West Seattle. I found it by accident because we were driving by and they were having a huge sale. I didn't buy anything though!

I helped my Mom move an antique secretary into the living room and put all her yarn and knitting paraphernalia in it. Looks cool.

I also picked up a few more patterns from my aunt and some more ideas for projects. With world enough and time...

posted by kristi at 8/26/2002 08:16:00 AM
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