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that swing!

My latest "makeover" project. After buying a swingy Oilily sweatshirt a while back at a rummage sale, I got to thinking about refashioning an existing sweatshirt. Here's the result! Turned out well, I think, for $o.99 and 45 minutes of work.

Here's what I did: Bought a kid's sweatshirt at the thrift store (maybe size 8?). Cut it up as below.

Then I sewed the two halves back together -- I just zigzagged the seam on the outside so it was more of a "feature".

Then I cut a little curve on the top side of the bottom bit that I cut off and sewed the cuff side onto the bottom of the swingy bit -- I turned it inside out so that the fluffy stuff was on the outside.. I finished all the edges with zigzagging. Then I sewed on some cuff stuff to the sleeves and onto the new neck hole. Added buttons for fun. Thought about making a kangaroo pocket on it, but didn't bother on this one. Voila!

posted by kristi at 8/14/2002 01:46:00 PM
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