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First off, Zoe started Kindergarten this week. Here she is on the first day. Get out the hankies!

Found out about eScrip. You can sign up your grocery store card and your credit card and they donate a percentage of your spending to the school of your choice. It's the Campbell's soup label collection of the 21st century. Much easier though. No fees or anything for you. Sign up and support your neighborhood school!

It rained yesterday, finally. Hooray! We had been having freakishly humid weather and I did everything in my power to make it rain. It did. I don't think I had anything to do with it though.

This is the first rain we've had since April 27th; I checked.

I took the girls down to the beach yesterday afternoon... I thought there might be some good waves due to the storm, but they had mostly subsided. Took a few photos though.

As I was pushing the stroller back toward home I noticed several TV vans. At first I thought maybe they were doing some beach shots for the evening news. Then I saw the police cars. I didn't hang around, lest the girls be exposed to something grisly.

Turns out it was.

posted by kristi at 9/07/2002 07:51:00 AM
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