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Knit Out

I went out to a local Knit Out event here in San Diego this weekend. I didn't do any knitting, but it was fun to see other knitters and what they were working on. I found out about a couple of local get togethers to check out.

Susan, my local knit store lady (of Knitting in La Jolla), was working on a Noro vest done modularly with triangles. Made me rethink the stripy Noro sweater I am working on... maybe stripes are too dull and I should be doing something zestier. Hmm. I guess I'll hold off working on it while I think it out a bit more.

In the mean time, I'm noodling around with a garter stitch baby beanie knit up and down with short rows. I think it should work.

posted by kristi at 9/23/2002 11:32:00 AM
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