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what's in your closet?

a.k.a. How many sweaters do you need in San Diego?*

a.k.a. Get ready to laugh your head off if you live anywhere there's actual weather.

Yes, it's warm here, but rarely hot, and it does cool down at night -- sometimes as low as -- quel horreur! -- 40 degrees.

But, get this, we don't really have heating in our house! Or insulation! Just one little radiator. It gets chilly in here in the "Winter".

So what's in my closet? I encourage you to tell us what's in yours. Leave comments or post it on your own blog. I wonder if this will be as revealing as describing the contents of one's refrigerator? Who has the most sweaters? Any guesses?

my sweater inventory

1. very lightweight black cotton cardigan (shirt weight).
2. very lightweight green cotton cardigan w/ 3/4 sleeves.
3. lightweight ribbed khaki cotton turtleneck
4. technicolor dream sweater (see archive)
5. medium weight ribbed red cotton turtleneck.
6. lightweight wool lightweight green thriftstore sweater.
7. cream acrylic pullover with trees on it knit by my aunt
8. noro menou (wool, cotton, silk) green/black striped pullover knit by my aunt.
9. cotton/wool Green Parrot cardigan

*I think the answer must be "At least 10," because I've got one on the needles!

posted by kristi at 9/09/2002 07:04:00 AM
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