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Now that my knitting slate is clear... except for the striped Kureyon sweater which is on vacation until I decide whether I should be doing something more adventurous than stripes... and the Chogori which got dull and made my wrist hurt because I was working on big straight needles... Okay, so they "one project at a time" mandate is not being followed!

Anyway, I'm finally getting on to the Fiber Trends felted boot/slippers for the kiddos. Ahh. This project feeds the cute shoes jones and the knitting needs all at the same time. One shoe is done and I'm about to cast on the second. I'm using Lamb's Pride in lime and a medium blue. I hope they felt up nicely. If these turn out well, then everyone's getting slippers this year! I am imagining some adult clog style houseshoes done with Noro Kureyon. Seems like I've seen it felted and it looked gorgeous.

posted by kristi at 10/14/2002 11:14:00 AM
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