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still talking about my slippers

Soon there will be pictures of two pairs of slippers -- the blue and green ones now have soles and i've knit a second pair for Zoe.

A few notes on slipper making: DO NOT mix yarns... I say that... and I'm doing it again. I should probably do a leetle test this time!. On Zoe's slippers I decided to use up some Cascade Pastaza that has been kicking around forever. It felts like crazy! Good to know, but it felted twice as fast and twice as thick as the Lamb's Pride, so the tongue of her shoe is short and thick. Not the kind of thing a five year old will notice... I hope!

As far as soles go, I think I will trot over to the fabric store and see if they have anything suitable. It's got to be thin enough to work with. I have some thick suede pieces from the craft shop -- you can't even cut it with scissors! I think I'll just cut out a piece the size of the bottom of the shoe and not the wrap around part, though I may change my mind.

At the thrift store on Friday, I found a pair of kid's slippers with suede soles sewn on. It doesn't seem like anything is glued to them so I can use them at some point. They also had a REAL chogori skirt/dress, but it was adult size and gauzily cheap so I didn't buy it. It would be pretty darned easy to make one, though I think an empire waisted jumper will be the way to go. I really want to have that done! Guess that means knitting on it.

Saw a really cute dress-up cape that someone made at a birthday party this weekend. That's another reason to get out to the fabric store -- I think I'll make one. Not that anyone around here needs one for Halloween, unless we're going to have caped kitties. Drop me a line if you are despairing about the Halloween costume sitch. This cape will set you right.

posted by kristi at 10/21/2002 06:48:00 AM
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