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road trip!

Since all the knitting's hush-hush for various reasons -- involving publications and gift creation for the holidays, I think it's time for a Fantastic Fiber Voyage!

Here's the idea: We'll all jump on the virtual magic bus (needles in hand of course!) and traverse the ether. The bus will stop wherever we want it to and when it gets to your town, you'll show us around and give us a fabulous fiber filled day in your neck of the woods. Take us to your local yarn shop! Perhaps we'll stop in for a coffee somewhere or loll in the park and knit a few rows as we absorb the local culture, maybe you'll have us over to your place where we'll sit in front of the fireplace and eat soup and knit socks. You are Julie McCoy. You control our destinies!

If you don't think your hometown is particularly fiber rich, feel free to take us someplace you'dlike to go on your own knitting holiday.

First stop: Lovely La Jolla, California. I'll post my fantasy fiber daytrip soon. Sign on below in the "Comments" section and we'll work up an itinerary from there.

posted by kristi at 11/13/2002 07:56:00 PM
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