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spring cleaning.

It's not Spring here. Maybe I've caught a Southern Hemisphere thing...

Anyway, I've been on a blitz of closet cleaning this week. Ahh. Started with the girls' room/linens/miscellaneous craft bits closet. Yes, all of those are contained in one 3' x 5' closet! Oh, it also contains a single sized futon for small sleep-over guests. You can see why it needed order imposed on it.

Also, the refrigerator, including removing all 'non-essential' refrigerator magnets and art projects. Seems like a subtle thing, but it's nice not to be visually assaulted by the hodge-podge of stuff everytime I walk in the kitchen.

I know some gain comfort from accumulated objects. I get great satisfaction from getting rid of things.

The next thing SHOULD be cleaning the windows inside and out, but I don't know if I'll do that. We do have a really nice cobweb that I've been cultivating outside the kitchen window, but now that Halloween is over, it probably should go.

posted by kristi at 11/07/2002 07:09:00 AM
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