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So I did turn back to the Tutti-Frutti and ripped out the neck. I wasn't entirely sure how it would work since I ripped out the top of something knit top down, but it was fine. I just cut it a little lower than I thought I wanted the neck, disengaged the problematic portion and picked up the stitches. Fortunately it's a variegated yarn, so any change in the appearance of the stitches was disguised. I rejoined the yarn I had cut and worked that section from rip-out to cast on so that any directionality in the variegation was maintained.

From there I wung it, kept up with the raglan decreases, and it looks MUCH better. I'm glad I did it! One sleeve is done, including the fluffy cuff, and the second sleeve is well on its way. I wanted to do the sleeves first, and then I'll knit the body until it looks right or I run out of yarn. I figure there's more room for changes in length on the body than the sleeves!

pictures soon of this and other recent projects!

posted by kristi at 12/01/2002 11:13:00 AM
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