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ahh. now i remember why people wear sweaters! it's cold and damp! it is actually physically uncomfortable to be outside without appropriate clothing. i have lived in southern california for 8 years now and my blood is fantastically thin. i am a complete weather wuss.

i have eaten plenty of holiday goodies, hung around with family and even managed to get out to the yarn store. i bought two yarns for a scarf but i don't think they'll work well together. we'll have to fix that. i think a third skein may fix things.

i also saw my auntie's latest sweater. gorgeous as always. i only lament that it was too big for us as it was up for grabs! i think my brother-in-law got it. i'll have to see if i can get another look at it. it had a little bit of 2 color work which she told me she accomplished by slipping stitches to avoid carrying two yarns. must try this technique! love the idea of two colors, but don't relish floats, plus it always seems like it wastes precious yarn. not that i don't like the results...

and there's a big surprise that i will tell you about when i get home... check back in a few days. such the temptress!

posted by kristi at 12/28/2002 07:38:00 AM
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