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Way back at the beginning of time (blogtime, that is) I talked about designing and knitting my Technicolor Dream Sweater. I still love it and always get compliments on it. So here's the thing: I think I want to try to make a man's version of this sweater for Leo.

Okay, it won't be pink, it won't have fuzzy or eyelashy yarn, and it won't have the feminine shaping... but other than that, the same sweater.

In thinking about the sweater, at least part of what made it successful was the randomness of the yarns I used. I had what I had and I decided I had to use some of everything from my mixed Ebay lot. Then I bought the "background" yarn. Sure, it could have been orange, but the sweater would still be good. Definitely the randomness of the stripes... I would never have picked the yarns individually, except the Noro, I don't think. But together, they spoke to me. I've thought about contacting the Ebay seller, "duena", and asking her to put a little something together for me, but I've decided that this is a game I want to play.

My thinking is that I will settle on a weight (the original actually had a fair amount of wiggle on yarn size, so even that is not hard and fast), and a general color family and go from there. I figure if I choose one yarn that really calls out to me, I can go from there. If you want to play along, here's the deal: Go to I'll need around 1500 yards of worsted/heavy worsted yarn in some color scheme that is, say, subtle and masculine. Right now, Manos del Uruguay Space Dyed has my eye as the zing! with maybe some Artful Yarns Jazz, but I am totally open to suggestion. For my sweater, I had 3 skeins of Kureyon (2 colorways), 2 different fluffies, 2 pinks (1 linen drape, one silk/merino), plus the eyelash and the main color. Since this one will be more subtle, I'll need varying amounts, of say, 5 yarns? What would you pick?

Oh, and Leo, if you're reading this, you can vote too:)

posted by kristi at 12/05/2002 07:15:00 AM
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