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i feel knitty, oh so knitty....

I've been working on my most recent Knitty project, which is why you haven't seen any actual knitting here. Actually projectS, because I'm reworking Haiku (from the premiere issue) in adult size -- not for this issue, so don't get your hopes up too soon!

I've also been on an early Spring cleaning binge. I've gone through the closets, the bookshelves, even the junk drawer casting off what we don't use. Vanquishing things to the garage. Of course, this meant that I had to go through the boxes in the garage. I actually opened up each box and went through its contents. Got rid of all my Anthropology books. Old cooking magazines. Tschochkes that are not terribly sentimental. The whole thing was very cathartic. And we actually have space on our bookshelves. Now, if someone I know would just hurry up and have a baby who needs all these baby clothes...

If only I had a shopvac! I'd be happy to trade my flaky but still working monitor and a Mac Quadra 660 (still functional!) for one...

posted by kristi at 1/15/2003 05:05:00 AM
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