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the quilt is actually pretty teeny. each square is 2 inches. it's 22 x18 squares. BUT, i'll lose half an inch on each square to seams. without the border, it's 27" x 33", with the border, a little bigger, maybe 30 x 36" finished size.

i contacted someone through the local quilt guild who will quilt it for me by machine. hand quilting would take forever, and a regular sewing machine doesn't work very well. so i'll send it out. for this size quilt it's only about $20. Look at this page. I think I like the "stipple" design best.

if i do another one it's definitely going to be a weird version of a photograph. either sepia toned or more like it was solarized. depending on where the spirit moves me. i have to find the right photo too. one with good contrast. still it's fun. i may try to do more of the layout work on the computer, first. i love the corporeality of running around the table switching squares and turning the lights on and off, but if i were actually trying to make a picture of something? i'm sure there'll be plenty of that, but an actual image will call for more up front graphic design.

posted by kristi at 1/22/2003 06:26:00 AM
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