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Revealed to you now, my holiday scarves:

Three little scarves knit for three little girls. Each is about 2 inches wide.

Three skeins of Tahki Cozy in "Baja". This is a great yarn. It's discontinued, I think, so get it while you can! Very soft. Pleasant to knit. A fabulous scarf. This is a very straight up 1/1 rib. That's all this yarn needed.

Knit in Tahki/Stacey Charles Magic in the "Chess" colorway -- an obvious choice for my chess playing brother-in-law. Though the description of the yarn made it look and sound intriguing, ultimately, I was unimpressed with this yarn. Usually I want something a little softer for a scarf or something with a little more vim.
I had a hard time finding the right stitch to use on this one. Turning to the blogring for inspiration, I discovered the basketweave stitch from Action Hero. Thanks, Melissa! It's a cool little stitch. It's not a reversible stitch pattern, so the scarf has a "wrong" side, but it's not bad. A very functional scarf -- good for running for the bus in chilly drizzle.

This scarf I knit for my Mom. I used a skein each of Fizz and Aura. The scarf is knit diagonally with an increase on one side and a decrease on the other. Adds a little zip. Tassels. Beads. Sparkle. This one is pretty glam.

posted by kristi at 1/03/2003 07:06:00 AM
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