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superbowl sunday

i mention the superbowl not because i have any plans to watch it, but because it is being played here in san diego. and those of you who are watching the superbowl will witness the freakishly good weather that we are having. i mean, the weather is usually good, but it's been freakishly good. like summer. we were supposed to have an el nino year with lots of rain, which is really needed since we've had very low rainfall for the last 2 years. bad on the longterm scale, good on the daily level... it's too bad that it's not green bay or something.

in knitting news, i finished V2 of my Knitty project. Now I really need to write it up. Break out that protractor! Polish up that pythagorean theorem! Writing up what I actually knit is pretty straightforward, but growing things up to imaginary sizes and figuring out what I would do then... that's a whole 'nuther kettle of fish... and then figuring out how much yarn you would have used, if you knit it that size... more math than you can shake a sliderule at! don't get me wrong, i like math, especially geometry, but it's just not something i do everyday.

since my project slate was clear i got out a bunch of skeins... all the Colinette that Kerrie sent, all the bits and pieces from here and there... and am trying to figure out what they are suited for. making a warm and wooly hat for Leo, and then probably a new twist on the bulky baby sweater. i am excited about it, i just have to figure out the yarns.

so, here are some questions:
any good ways to combine a thin yarn and a thick yarn in one smallish project? not combine them as in hold them together, but combine them into one project where they both have their own glory. For instance, I have maybe 1.5 skeins of Noro Menou (5 st per inch) left from a sweater my aunt knit for me and most of a skein of Tahki Cozy (2 st per inch). Serendipitously, the colors are perfect together. But other than putting the bigger fluffier stuff on as a border on a scarf, I haven't really come up with the right thing. I suppose I could do stripes and increase and decrease for the differences, but that seems awkward.
second, other than a tube scarf, what can i do with a small amount of a tape yarn? buy more is an obvious answer, and maybe the right one. then i could make a summer shell with a cool stripe or something.

posted by kristi at 1/27/2003 09:58:00 AM
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