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ta dah!

my proto-quilt, all laid out and ironed.

in the interest of full disclosure, i should tell you that in spite of my ravings about how simple this all was, i managed to iron half of my gridded fusible interfacing to my bath towel! wouldn't you think that the side that actually has the imprint on it was where you were supposed to put the squares down? you'd be wrong. fortunately, i had some regular old fusible interfacing tucked in a drawer so I was able to carry on. laying out the squares yet again. since the only place i have to work is our dining room table, i have had to move the whole thing several times. either knocking some squares off of their backing or having to stack them up, line by line, to prevent them from falling as they were carried through the doorway. a large quilt deserves a safe work area! if i do this again, maybe i'll set up a space in the garage to work!

so now onto the border issue. i figure this is like framing a picture. it can totally make or break how the finished product looks. maybe two-squares-width of black for the mat/matt/matte with a subtle hand-dyed for the frame?

posted by kristi at 1/21/2003 09:11:00 AM
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