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there's a name for it....

and names make all the difference in the world. i'm full of old song lyrics this morning, but mr. byrne was speaking the truth. especially when you rely so heavily on search engines.

WATERCOLOR quilting. the other day i mentioned the idea of the photo-impressionist quilt. now i know next to nothing of quilting, though i've made one... so at least now i know what i don't know. anyway, i went and ordered me a bunch of hand-dyed 2 inch squares and figured i'd just lay them out until i liked the way they looked. now that i know that there's a name for this, it turns out there's all sorts of information on it... and books written about it! i've also gleaned this valuable tidbit: lay them out on a grid drawn on fusible interfacing. then you just iron them on and sew up the long seams all at once. so intoxicating... i can't wait for my squares to arrive!

posted by kristi at 1/15/2003 05:53:00 AM
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