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Carping the diem, I started right in on my knit bodice with the variegated black and white yarn. I did a modified version of Haiku: closer fitting, no box stitch and only a couple inches longer than the armholes. I've been thinking about how to attach a non-stretchy fabric to a knitted piece. I think I will probably put a bit of elastic into the skirt so that the whole thing doesn't stretch and look bulky. Hmm. Eager to finish it up and see how it worked out.

The process of knitting this got me thinking about an adult version. With a top made of the Recycled Nepalese Sari silk, and a skirt made of some fabulous silk -- or maybe even some sari silk. Maybe making the top separate from the skirt would be the right way to go in this instance. Of course, I would need a Patrona to carry out this project. The kind that goes to televised award shows* or something. If you or somebody you know is this sort of person and would like to fund this project (one for me, one for them... I'll find a place to wear it!) have them contact me!

*It dawns on me that I actually do know people that go to televised awards shows, but they really weren't the people I was thinking about...

posted by kristi at 2/06/2003 04:35:00 AM
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