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this week in knitting

I had another math lesson all written up, but now it's vaporized in the ether... maybe I'll find it somewhere. I swear I pasted a copy...

As to what's on the needles these days... half a scarf knit in some of the Point 5 from Kerrie and another stray skein that I bought a while back.... and still another version of my Knitty spring sweater, which is what the Knitting Math 101's are loosely based on. Coming soon to an issue of Knitty near you!

Recently off the needles: Two hats. One for Leo in black wool and a stripe of Point 5, felted. The second in many shades of pinks and oranges with some bits that Kerrie sent in a trade way back when.

In mind: A summer top or vest for Ella's friend Ynez's second birthday. Next week, so I better get moving. I am also thinking back to a pattern I saw somewhere... maybe a Melanie Falick book at the library? A dress with a knitted bodice and a sewn on fabric skirt. It was supersweet with dupioni silk or something. I am thinking of something slightly more everyday. Have to scrounge around and see what I can come up with. Maybe some black/white Peaches n Cream and a skirt of some Zebra print cotton? Wonder if I still have that P n C? I do have some really cool buttons in black and white.... The wheels turn.

Oh, and in one of those 'everybody's doing it' moments, I made a sockdog today.

Pictures coming soon.

posted by kristi at 2/06/2003 04:20:00 AM
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