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barefoot in the park

Really. My apologies to you all still in the throes of winter, but I spent a couple of hours the other day knitting at the park... sans shoes. Spring has definitely sprung here. We've had a couple of decent rains so everything is clean and green. The first leaves have poked out on the peach tree, our token deciduous tree, so I know it's spring now.

And just in time for spring, I've finished my Sari Silk Shell. I still think it's really cool yarn, and the shell shape turned out nicely, but it walks a strange line of shabby chic. It's pure silk and the colors are rich, but at the same time, the yarn is bumpy and hairy and chaotic. Pictures soon. Have to charge the batteries to get the pictures off the camera.

And once again, I'm in a knitting vacuum. Nothing at all on the needles. Thinking about what comes next....

posted by kristi at 3/14/2003 12:50:00 PM
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