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What's up in the Domestic Sphere, you ask? Good news: I got my brace, finally, finally, finally for my wrist. I have de Quervain's Syndrome (or Disease?) -- gasp! Sounds like a dreaded soap opera malady. And actually there's a de Quervain's Syndrome (or Disease?) that is a weird hermaphroditic condition. I don't have it, and I don't think the brace would help. I just have tendonitis at the base of my thumb. I waded through much managed care mire to accomplish the little feat of getting the wrist splint. I probably should have just ordered one online!

Bad news: Very hard to knit with the brace on. I suppose there's a lesson to be learned here about knitting and wrist health. I confess that after wearing the brace much of the day, I took it off to knit, because it was too annoying and was gouging into my thumb.

on the needles: I started a groovy little swing top for Thing 1, with beads and flaps and what not. Still think the pattern was good. Not wild about the execution, so I yanked it off the needles. Cast on again for another Summer Shell: I think I may go for a stitch pattern. I usually don't go that way as I'm not much of a counter while knitting, but figured I'd give it a whirl. I'm trying to use some dusty pink cotton yarn that I got at the thrift store. It's pretty nice yarn; I have no idea what it is as there were no ball bands. I think I got 5 skeins for 2 bucks. First time ever that I actually found decent yarn at the thrift store. And believe me, I'm no stranger to those hallowed aisles.

Here's a question: Has Intarsia disappeared from the radar? I see lots of FairIsle out there, plenty of cables, but no intarsia work. Not that I've ever tried it myself, but it seems like fun. Very graphic. Is it a huge pain in the pa-toot or is it just OUT?

posted by kristi at 3/19/2003 06:57:00 AM
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