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I happened by La Jolla Fiber Arts on Wednesday. I noticed they have spindles and such for sale. This is probably dangerous information. What I was most drawn to, however, was a beaded bracelet that looked a bit like a porcupine. It was loomed with seed beads but had extra bits sticking out all over. It closed with a button. For some reason, I'm always tickled by that. Now I'm all hopped up to go find a loom and see if I can do something with the idea.

I finally broke down and made some really real ice cream in the ice cream maker. The kind with heavy cream and lots of egg yolks made into a custard that actually tastes like ice cream. Very tasty. I made Vanilla and some Mexican Chocolate. Since then, I've been seized with the idea of Peppercorn Ice Cream. I'm sure it's been done, but it sounds intriguing. Can't decide whether to go with basic black or something more exotic. Pink peppercorn ice cream with some sort of strawberry accompaniment. How cute would that be?

posted by kristi at 3/28/2003 06:20:00 AM
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