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yarn search, II

Mmm. I see that I need to clarify my search further -- Leo likes finely knit sweaters, not bulky hand-knit looking ones. However, I can't see having the stick-to-it to finish something at microscopic gauge, particularly in a single color, without much fancy work. Five to the inch is a compromise gauge... Further, we live in a climate that rarely falls out of the 55 - 75 degree range, so we don't need polar insulation. A nice wool blend or a cotton blend will suit nicely. Not fuzzy with angora, but I'm not turning my nose up at a little silk or something... a little synthetic's fine if it improves the shape of the cotton or aids in washability.

And when I say neutral, I mean somewhere in the beige to taupe range. Blues are out as he always wears jeans and doesn't like to be all blue.

The Wool Cotton is a contender, though it is pretty fine. I've also thought about Noro Cash Iroha, but it may be too luxe for everyday wear. I've also eyed Austermann Rubino -- there's a good price at

posted by kristi at 3/01/2003 04:38:00 PM
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