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Just got back from a week in Washington DC. It was so springy! Fruit trees a-blossoming, bulbs a-blooming. And we had a wonderful time seeing all the relations, celebrating Passover and seeing the nation's treasures down at the Smithsonian. Visiting the Smithsonian is always mind-blowing. This time, I was particularly struck by the skeletons of every creature known to man from tiny mice to giant whale. It brings to mind a children's book I read recently about Oliver Tolliver who proudly displayed his precisely "one, one of each".

Anyway, I returned to find a message from the sewing machine repair man. The pink 60's Brother is going to cost $65 to get him up and running. No problem finding the parts. Should have it done this week. Strangely, my nearly working, much newer and much cheaper Kenmore is going to cost $55 to get the timing fixed. Go figure. Anyway, I told Mr. Fix-it to repair both machines. No sense in keeping a machine that doesn't work or in discarding something that is so close to working.

Now that I know that the Brother is on the mend, I can turn my attention to the cabinet. It needs renewal too.

posted by kristi at 4/21/2003 05:05:00 PM
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