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Sock me!

I have a confession to make. After eons of turning up my nose at sock knitting, I've fallen off the slippery slope. I got tired of the projects I had been working on and I didn't really want to embark on anything big as I am waiting on some yarn to arrive in the mail for a major project and also my package from Emily so I can start in on the quilt...

Anyway, in and amongst all that, I thought that I might dabble with the ins and outs of sock architecture. Not make a proper sock, mind you, more the "idea of sock". I decided to make kid socks as 1) it didn't really seem like I was knitting a sock and 2) my children actually wear socks just in case it turned into one

I grabbed out my DPNs and some inappropriate yarn (Noro Cotton Kureyon, which breaks like crazy and has no stretch) and cast on using Wendy's short-row toe on a sock with 28 stitches. Used a reverse Dutch heel, and some other little details. Finished one, and rather than casting on another just like it, I went out and bought some proper sock yarn and two round needles (size 3's!) and cast on my second sock. Toe Up with Regia's Crazy Color. I think I'm about ready for my heel, but I wanted to do a short row heel this time. How do I do that? I know that I work with half my stitches (16), and that I knit 1 less stitch each row, but do I knit any plain rows between? Also, of the 16 how many do I shortrow and how many do I leave live in the middle? Probably treatises devoted to the subject, but I haven't found a simple answer yet.

posted by kristi at 4/23/2003 07:21:00 AM
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