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brown paper packages tied up with tape

Last night the UPS truck stopped in front of our house and it was actually for me! Yarn for my Fall Knitty project! Id let you see, but it's supposed to be a surprise.

And any day now I should be receiving the fabrics for my Four Faces quilt. I ordered from Equilter this time. I felt like I was cheating on my other fabric lady, but it's art, man. I am very excited to see the fabric. I am filled with a strange mix of eagerness to get started, conviction that I can do it, yet knowing that I'm also a bit over my head skillwise. Probably why I am excited about it. There's an author, Mihaly Cszikszentmihaly, who's written about the concept of "flow" -- that state where you are really "into" something and the rest of the world sort of falls away. According to Cszikszentmihaly, it's when the challenges of the thing at hand and your skill level meet in just the right way that you experience flow. Something too easy and you will be distracted; something too hard and you'll become frustrated.

posted by kristi at 5/01/2003 06:54:00 AM
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