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It dawns on me that I need more color in my (knitting) life. I haven't been very motivated to knit in any stolen moments. Though I've been busy with other things, it's been easy enough to put aside. I was reflecting on that and realized that I have been working on projects in the blah-est of colors lately! A charcoal grey scarf, a taupe secret project, another project that contained colorwork, but that I did in cream and tan... I've been working with some very nice yarns, but the colors are unexciting.

I need an infusion of color! Have to start thinking about something that sings and zings!

Interestingly, as I was sorting through my closet, I realized that I have very little that's black anymore. 1 pair black shoes, 1 pair black pants, 1 black tank and 1 black T-shirt. And I don't love the pants. And then I thought maybe I should put all the black away as a little experiment.

I have lots of color now, and I think this is directly correlated to my love of knitting in color.

posted by kristi at 5/23/2003 09:40:00 AM
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